Cinevalley Productions

After proving their excellence in advertising / events CineValley planned to utilize their expertise in entertainment quotient and thus decided to venture into film making. The idea became a reality, when they announced and executed their first Punjabi feature film "Yamley Jatt Yamley" under the banner of their home production CineValley Productions!

CineValley, promoted by professionals, is a film production house based at Mohali, India. It aims to offer superior productions with the supreme believer and professionalism to achieve global standards. Backed by skilled professionals CineValley productions provides ample nosegay of services, ensuring the fruiting of a vision from concept to its commercial launching.

From evaluation of a script to creating a detailed business plan, CineValley can help in not just production and structuring but also assist in marketing of films.

We invite business alliances from leading film production houses. T.V channels and Advertising & media and PR related agencies globally. We believe that in this age of globalization, collaboration and strategic alliance are essential for the success of any business. It is important that these alliances transcend state and national boundaries.

We have our future plans for extending relationships worldwide with an aim to achieve a win–win situation for us and our clients. We can jointly leverage advantages of cost-efficient infrastructure, invaluable knowledge-power and quality resources for the benefits ofour clients..

We are based in Mohali and can join hands with you in production ad films, corporate films, documentary films, T.V. and features films and also for in film branding co-production, artiste management and events.

As an individual, If you wants to be acknowledged amongst the best, and if you are an film investor or are presently working as a actor, director , film crew, writer, cinematographer, editor, musician ,ad and marketing or media professional, you can join us.

Associating with CineValley gives you an opportunity:

  1. To be a part of CineValley brotherhood.
  2. To associate, collaborate for your future projects with us.
  3. To get a priority to work in future projects of CineValley & associate companies.
  4. To extend your reach to other members of the companionship.
  5. To extend your horizon of cinematic understanding and experience and an opportunity to learn.